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After 26 years online, Globalspeak is retiring.  Cheers and goodbye. 



Newest Projects

Globalspeak launches in support of unifying the Southeast states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee for success in the global marketplace. It all starts with knowing your business… news!


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Featured Project

60 second commercial

Client: Global Payments

Globalspeak produced 60 and 30 second versions of the commercial for TV broadcast. A collaboration of processes resulted in a series of account services including a story board, script, off location scouting, on and off location video recording, voice over delivery, video editing and motion graphics effects, and encoding for additional Internet distribution. Other influence marketing video projects for the client include an Executive Speaker Series and addresses from the president to worldwide employees.

Client: Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)

Live to On Demand

Live to On Demand


TAG Outreach

Members throughout the state experience events, meetings and training recorded live for on-demand online viewing, including the Excalibur Awards and the Georgia Technology Summit. Think conquering distance and time.

Promoting Decisions

Promoting Decisions


TAG Educating

From updating financial company members on the State of the FinTech Industry each year as well as other tech sectors, panels and expert speakers help educated the business community. Think stimulating growth.

Industry Prominence

Industry Prominence


TAG Leadership

From the Top 10 Tech Companies in the state, or in collaboration with others such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and its Technology Hall of Fame, TAG publicly honors the very best. Think leadership.

Marketing Results

Marketing Results


TAG Promotions

Whether promoting Hackathon services, industry reports or event attendance, TAG informs audiences for decisions. Video is proven to expedite buying decisions and marketing results. Think action!

Online Video Channels

Online industry news portals with video channels and RSS news feeds along with thought leadership radio shows

Web Events & Webinars

Exciting and interactive online events and webinar production, first for the French Department of Tourism

Walk down memory lane: 2001

Our favorite


Department of Commerce Export Basics Training

In 2001, full length in-studio videos were being produced for the DOC Commercial Service client to educate U.S. exporters via the Internet about country and city markets around the world. That project expanded into Export Basics, a complete self-contained interactive online exporting training program! Explore a screen capture of the platform and features which were innovative at the time. Guess who has an acknowledgement plaque on the DOC Hall of Fame in Washington, DC.

  • Four one-hour parts, with four 15 minute video sessions each!
  • Printable handouts, polls, discussion boards
  • Links to thousands of enrichment sites and documents
  • Ask Questions feature, instantly scoring tests & more

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